Transparent Construction Management


Features Overview



For Project Managers

  • Track completion of a project
  • Transparent, verifiable tracking of expenses
  • Automatic invoicing and payments thru SmartContracts

For Contractors

  • Automatically receive payments once tasks are completed
  • Metrics to measure performance
  • Access to bid on new business opportunities


HOA Members/Co-Ops

  • Transparent view of financial and operational decisions of your contributions
  • Ability to vote on key decisions regarding your community
  • Verify project completions and get involved in projects in your community

Manage on the Blockchain



The blockchain is transparent ledger or a way to track credits and debits in a clear systemic way. Our operating principle is if everything is clear and in the open, business can proceed faster and more efficient. By leveraging decentralized ledger we reduce the need for auditing and bring transparent data on the construction process to users and stakeholders.


How it Works

  • Babl will enable project managers and contractors the ability to track the planning, budgeting, completion and payments of each project.

  • The platform is built on a decentralized ledger that tracks all purchases, contracts and transactions that will be visible for all stakeholders to see.

  • It will combat corruption, reduce bureaucracy and paperwork, while automating most of the administrative tasks of a project.